Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some Studio Tour Photos

Well here it is all cleaned up and hung for the mid October Ojai Studio Artist's Tour. I always forget to photograph things when they are looking spiffy and so made a note this year to do it. I had planned to take some during the event, but somehow I am either the one engaged in a conversation or photographing peoples backsides as they look at the wall. Didn't seem to make for very good shots.

 Lots of jewelry.

 The little 'Recession Buster' corner.
And of course my good friend 'baby' Joe Mueller takin' care of business for me. I could never do it with out him. And a heartfelt thanks to you all who keep coming to visit me. Cheers. Chris

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Anonymous said...

Looking great! I love when you hang things in that montage sort or way. I think the gold leaf and color pull them all together in a beautiful way. Onward!