Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Weekends Science Breakfast

Last weekend was our Third Annual 'Science Breakfast'. It is really a project of Jim's and if it were me I think I would call it the Astrophysics Breakfast. It started when Jim was introduced to our friend Virginia Kron's (local cello legend) brother. Richard Kron is an astrophysicist who teaches at the University of Chicago and works at the Fermilab. He visits every time this year and Jim couldn't help but think of friends who would just love to pick this guys brain. This post is courstesy of Steve Newkirk who thought to take a bunch of fun photos.

 Lucky for us Richard has been really enjoying the free breakfast, and small interested audiences we provide. I have to admit however after the first year of trying to follow what he was explaining about black holes and dark energy I realized my type of brain just can't follow much of it.

 Jim (and some of our friends no look forward to this all year- here he is in a tie. He said this is as close a thing as going to church for him)

 (Abby of course understands every word)

 On the left is Steve Newkirk our in house photographer (also sometimes known as Mr. Virginia Kron)- Thanks for all the great photos Steve!

 I think Steve was intrigued with 'what goes on in the diaper pail'- fish food of course.

 Richard Kron in the spiffy ironed blue shirt.

 A few of Steve's random photos from around our house. It's fun to see what catches other peoples eyes. Steve is an artist too so he appreciates it.

 Antique replica waterwheel that Jim made. (yes he can make anything in any style)

 Early word processing toy.

And Lucky for me 'Baby' Joe Mueller was in town to keep me company. We sat at the kiddie table to eat then snuck away to work a bit on my new Website. 

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