Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jim McCarthy's Classical Guitar Made For My Dad

Proud and thrilled to post the latest photos from the Guitar Shop of sweet husband Jim McCarthy. This is one that has taken quite some time as it got squeezed in between furniture making jobs with deadlines. This beauty is a commission from my Dad who plays classical guitar. My gray day photos aren't the best, but hope you get the idea. And it sounds even better.  Shipped all the way to the  New Jersey homestead. (fingers crossed for safe travels).

Western Red Cedar top.

Back and sides are Cocobolo. Neck is Spanish Cedar. (With ebony fretboard)

And we had to include a little art from your's truly. We couldn't decide, so since I call Jim 'Bunny' it seemed appropriate. There is a tiny bit of gold leaf around him.

The Rosette is Cherry Burl and Ebony from a grand old tree we were forced to take down on my Dad's property. The burl was saved and what better tribute!

Here's to wishing you very many happy hours of music together Dad!

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