Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It Just Looks Like I'm Productive

Sometimes I hear how people are amazed at how much work I do. I probably should keep it to myself but really, there is a lot of couch time going on here.  This has just occurred to me as I get ready to post 6 new paintings as if I just popped them out today. To put it in perspective this is all I have to show since the beginning of December. Since most of the holiday work needs to be in galleries by the end of November I pretty much take the month of December off. This has just sort of evolved over time. The pressure is off, it's time to bake cookies for friends and family, decorate that Christmas bush etc. Then before I new it it was January. Well here are a tiny series for this next upcoming Enormous Tiny Art Show at the Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth New Hampshire. It opens Feb 1st.  Everything is also sold online. It's a fun show and since the work is all $50-500  there are always some great deals. (I bought one myself- I like to support my fellow Tinys.

                                  Not to mention that these are 5"x5" with the largest at 6"x7"

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