Saturday, March 30, 2013

More Available Somewhere (I think)

Just a few pieces that are in galleries for sale or in my studio.  
I'll post some of the new work next time. It's been an uninspired time in the studio.  (Although thank you Joe for liking the new work when I was feeling crappy and insecure about it).
Last week was more headaches, my favorite chicken got eaten by a raccoon because I didn't close the coop door in time, and Abby the doggie has something wrong with her eye. 
I have a friend who was saying if you find yourself  blaming your mood on more than three things then it's probably your brain that is searching for the bad not being able to focus on the good. -But what if it's both?

1 comment: said...

Beautiful paintings!! The emotions that you have come up with in the last painting is fantastic! Well done!