Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Collaboration on View This Saturday

As a past workshop student at the Beatrice Wood Center For the Arts I was invited to participate in a group show with the theme of Transformation. Having just done a couple small collaborative pieces with Jim I decided to use it as an opportunity to do another. Jim was eager to something together again so we came up with this triptych type piece. It is an oil and gold leaf painting with the woodwork done in mahogany, koa and small areas of gold leaf.
The show is this Saturday (so no I can't be there as I have a solo show to be at in Idaho!)

 Jim was mostly done with the frame before we left for our trip, but I had only just started painting the panels. When we returned I had one week to ship 15 paintings to Boise for the solo show and complete the three panels for this painting. It was a slight crunch but luckily the paint didn't have to be dry, I just needed to have a photo of it.

Thank you Kevin Wallace at The Beatrice Wood Center for the opportunity to show there (at one of the most beautiful places in the valley- always make the trip if you need to be inspired by both nature, and art all in one place) For more info visit their website at:

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