Monday, November 7, 2011

Germany Trip Part one

Part one if I have the oomph to do a part two. As you may notice the whole order of things as you look at these make it look like we are in some ocean, then next to a tropical bird, then in the middle of a really old city.
It wasn't quite like that but between uploading photos in different batches and never quite getting the hang of exactly how they will end up (Blogger doesn't let you move them around) So....... Any how here are a few (I won't bore you with the other 100+ as most are not that good) just wet your travel whistle.
The above where most of our group except for Jim and I and Randy's wife Carol. We were the smart one's who didn't really see the point of suffering so you could say you've put your feet in the Baltic Ocean. They seem to have a 'bucket list-hit all the oceans' thing going on. The van was nice and warm. (L-R Randy, daughter Jessica, my sister in law Ingrid, my Bother Matt and Will my nephew living in Germany)
Coolest Bird sanctuary somewhere in the northwest of Germany. (We had some real birders on the trip and I've always been a fan of the feathered myself). It is apparently the largest Bird sanctuary in the world. I would describe it more like a cross between the most beautiful bird zoo I have ever seen and a botanical garden.
Nephew Will has been staying in the town of Bremen so we were there most of the time. This is in the market square. Since it was Octoberfest time or there they have what they call Freimarkt there was always plenty of beer, food carts and carnival rides in the main square right near our hotel)
Bremen Rathaus. (or City hall) very cool layer cake of a thing.
And when we first arrived at the Bremen Hilton (I know pretty fancy pants huh!?) the tele had my name on it so of course we were so excited we had to get a photo. I've never been on TV before and it may be the closest I'll ever get.

Tiny streets. Called the Shnoor district or something that sounded like that. Looks just like what you want 'old Europe' to look like. Or hey Solvang California.
Looking down from inside the Rathaus I think.
Bird park. And below a nice little Japanese area of the bird park. Which of course I just loved.

Me and some rainbow Lorikeets. They sell you a bit of nectar and these friendly little fellows instantly alight on your head and shoulders and start pushing each other out the way. I was in bird heaven.
Town square at night. Magical.


New York Birthday said...

Hi Christine! Randomly stumbled across this post, but wanted to comment on the bird sanctuary (which I visited last fall). Beautiful pictures, and I bet you were just as surprised as I was about how stunningly beautiful the birds are there... especially if you are encountering them in the middle of winter. Enjoy Germany!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i am so agree withe you, thanks for sharing..

nolastwords0820 said...

I just went on a trip to Rome, Spain and Portugal. I loved it! Your pictures make me need to go to Germany now! Wonderful work

Samantha said...

Amazing and Beautiful Photos :) Looks like a wonderful trip!

Christine Brennan said...

Thanks you all kind people for your comments! I love to see that someone is reading. It will help me get to posting in those lazy times. As we are all probably spending our time browsing for inspiration, vicarious travel, or just to discover. Cheers.

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