Thursday, March 14, 2013

Guest Post by Tanya Heggestad

Today I had Tanya Heggestad a student at Oak Grove High School come and intern in the studio.  I may not represent much of a 'normal' job but I did my best to show her a little bit of what a day in the life of a studio artist may be. Including all of the usual distractions (most notably my computer trying to copy thousands of photos onto my desktop from my iPhoto program. OOPS) So without further ado I introduce Tanya Heggestad:

Today I apprenticed with Christine Brennan. I've known her for a while but have always been curious how she did it. That's why when we where assigned an apprenticeship project in school, I chose to do it with Christine. I learned a lot today, I learned how NOT-to copy images onto your computer desktop. I didn't know what I expected today to be like, but it exceeded all of my expectations! -Tanya

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Anonymous said...

Wow this is so uplifting to read!
Thank you for posting it!