Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hope in New Mexico

Jim and I just got back from a really great visit with Jim's step mom Hope in New Mexico. 
'Hope-Mom' is my example of everything to strive for in terms of living well and healthy when still 88 years old.
 Here we are wandering in the vast dessert that surround the beautiful casita in the south east of the state.
Very dry flat and sometimes really windy. The adobe house is an amazing oasis among the stark dessert conditions. 

Above some photos on the way to visit Silver City. Hope took us to a park called City of Rocks. It was amazing, filled with giant boulders to wander around.

Silver City store front

We drove south just shy of the Mexico border to be introduced to a kind desert monk by the name of Paul. He's built an artful complex of buildings, sculptures and gardens complete lay off the grid. We interrupted him toward the tail end of a three month silent retreat. His voice was scratchy from lack of use, but he welcomed us in for tea and a tour.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos......inspiring all the way around....the folks......the nature.......the trip.

Unknown said...

enjoyed pics & vid--lotsa fun. very clever & funny script too. gracias!

Carol Mck said...

Great Blog and excellent pictures