Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Book Of Doodles

I've recently gone through all my committee note from the Ojai Green Coalition, the Ojai Studio Tour group and random doodles I've saved. I decided to turn it into a project where I photograph the original in black and white, color in the tiny image with watercolor and color pencil and then made a small 7"x7" book of them. 

 You get the idea. Most of the time you can still see the notes peeking through but I kind of like that.

                                     Click here to view and purchase book

Also all the originals are available for purchase, just send me a comment if there is something you'd like to know more about. 

Anatomy of a Special Order Painting

A few months back I was contacted by a kind fan who was interested in having me do a surprise painting for a friend who is also a fan of my work.  The idea was something totally in my style (I'm kind of stuck in the rut of my style for better or worse, but I love it when someone pretty much just wants me to do my thing).  He suggested a figure holding a cat and a dog. And sent a few photos for inspiration. Of course my trio don't look an awful lot like the the real characters but it was fun and easy.

After a bit of discussion I do a pencil sketch for approval. And he loved it.

 Once the sketch is approved the agreement is that the rest is up to me until I'm finished. Above is the red gesso I always start with then after tracing the drawing I start with gold leafing.

 Then it's pretty much flat colors. Since I'm usually working on more than one piece the original layer is usually dry before I return to add shading, and in this case lots of fur.

There is always fine tuning of colors and in this case you can see how things changed as I added more warm colors and exaggerated the shading.

                        And before shipping emailed a finished photo that was well received.

Monday, December 1, 2014

(Sort Of) New Jewelry

A few recent pieces. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pillow Talk

A couple more pillows to show. -This is what I spent quite a bit of time on in the spring. I think I've made 8 or nine of them now. I had fun scouring thrift stores for XXL mens shirts to use with fabric I liked. Great deals on down pillows hiding under icky covers for just a few bucks, and embroidery thread now comes in almost any color you could want.

 You can see the color is way off in these photos but you get the idea. The orange/red border was one of my favorite sari border scraps from my collection. I have finally found the perfect project for using my little fabric bits. But of course I somehow add enough so that the mighty pile always fails to get smaller. Guess I will have to keep on sewing.

I liked a small sketch I did of this bird-guy. I made it into a tiny painting, then this pillow. The 'feathers' were fun.

    Back of bird-dude pillow. Something very therapeutic about making those slow tiny stitches.

 Front and back, -a friend asked if the bear was playing with himself. Now of course that is all I can see when I look at him, but really his arms are too short.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Latest Painting

Although these are latest paintings they are not completely new. I have some others to show you too, but since it's been a while since I posted I thought I would spread it out a bit. I promised myself when I set up this blog there would never be any apologies for not posting or taking breaks so- no mysterious reason for the quiet, just life.

 Above is a small recession buster painting (sold unframed) that I rather like-you can see the wood grain.

 This well-shoed guy was a bit of a struggle for me for some reason. I finished it for Spring Open house and as is often the case it sold.- Confirming my understanding that my favorites/least favorites are not always everyone elses. I've got some of my favorite paintings still here with me as they just haven't sold over the years. My consolation is I still get to be with them - and when I feel unsure about a piece even though it looks finished there is a home out there for it somewhere.

 This charachter came from a paper napkin sketch. I loved his face. Sometimes the balance of an expression feels just right to me. This guy seems sweet to me but neutral enough for you to want to know a bit more.

 These bottom three are all little unframed pieces with gold leaf to keep up a selection of smaller affordable paintings. It's also fun to be able to make them in almost one or two sittings.

          Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and remembering to just be- and make no excuses.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pillow Talk

Finding myself with time on my hands after finishing a special order for a customer I dove in some sewing I've been wanting to do for a while. I've been scouting thrift stores for fabrics. Some of my favorites if you don't need large quantities are extra large men's shirts. -Then I can almost always find down pillows for real cheap to re-cover. I have amassed quite a collection of bits of fabric over the years. Far more than someones who does't sew very often should have, but there you have it.
  Anyhow here are three. Each one got a bit more elaborate than the next. After finishing the second I decided to make one for my Mom.

These all three have contrasting fabric backs (the above piece has the green/grey plaid for a backing)

 This one I used a very pretty piece of woven white fabric. I have a collection of 6 of these I got for a deal as antique place mats. I would mess them up pretty quick, so i've been waiting for a good use.

 And below is the back of the above pillow. Both the last two all have contrasting cord edging.(what's that called?) Anyhow photographed on black you can't see it as it's also black (oops)

 And here is Mom's pillow. (Mom, I hope you aren't reading this blog entry before the surprise package arrives)

I had a hard time finding interesting ribbon for this one to use as a 'frame' then decided to use scraps from an antique sari I have. (also both of the flower type patches- done with actual metal thread)

                  The little pocket on the back has a secret little love note written for my Mom.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hope in New Mexico

Jim and I just got back from a really great visit with Jim's step mom Hope in New Mexico. 
'Hope-Mom' is my example of everything to strive for in terms of living well and healthy when still 88 years old.
 Here we are wandering in the vast dessert that surround the beautiful casita in the south east of the state.
Very dry flat and sometimes really windy. The adobe house is an amazing oasis among the stark dessert conditions. 

Above some photos on the way to visit Silver City. Hope took us to a park called City of Rocks. It was amazing, filled with giant boulders to wander around.

Silver City store front

We drove south just shy of the Mexico border to be introduced to a kind desert monk by the name of Paul. He's built an artful complex of buildings, sculptures and gardens complete lay off the grid. We interrupted him toward the tail end of a three month silent retreat. His voice was scratchy from lack of use, but he welcomed us in for tea and a tour.