Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pillow Talk

Finding myself with time on my hands after finishing a special order for a customer I dove in some sewing I've been wanting to do for a while. I've been scouting thrift stores for fabrics. Some of my favorites if you don't need large quantities are extra large men's shirts. -Then I can almost always find down pillows for real cheap to re-cover. I have amassed quite a collection of bits of fabric over the years. Far more than someones who does't sew very often should have, but there you have it.
  Anyhow here are three. Each one got a bit more elaborate than the next. After finishing the second I decided to make one for my Mom.

These all three have contrasting fabric backs (the above piece has the green/grey plaid for a backing)

 This one I used a very pretty piece of woven white fabric. I have a collection of 6 of these I got for a deal as antique place mats. I would mess them up pretty quick, so i've been waiting for a good use.

 And below is the back of the above pillow. Both the last two all have contrasting cord edging.(what's that called?) Anyhow photographed on black you can't see it as it's also black (oops)

 And here is Mom's pillow. (Mom, I hope you aren't reading this blog entry before the surprise package arrives)

I had a hard time finding interesting ribbon for this one to use as a 'frame' then decided to use scraps from an antique sari I have. (also both of the flower type patches- done with actual metal thread)

                  The little pocket on the back has a secret little love note written for my Mom.


Anonymous said...

Love them Chris! (I think the cord is called piping)-not as in apple pie-, but as in plumbing-

Kate Ersevim said...

I love these, Chris! Mom will love her pillow (I won't tell).

Christine Brennan said...
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Unknown said...

like them all. a great format for your imagination. thumbs way up :)