Monday, August 11, 2014

Latest Painting

Although these are latest paintings they are not completely new. I have some others to show you too, but since it's been a while since I posted I thought I would spread it out a bit. I promised myself when I set up this blog there would never be any apologies for not posting or taking breaks so- no mysterious reason for the quiet, just life.

 Above is a small recession buster painting (sold unframed) that I rather like-you can see the wood grain.

 This well-shoed guy was a bit of a struggle for me for some reason. I finished it for Spring Open house and as is often the case it sold.- Confirming my understanding that my favorites/least favorites are not always everyone elses. I've got some of my favorite paintings still here with me as they just haven't sold over the years. My consolation is I still get to be with them - and when I feel unsure about a piece even though it looks finished there is a home out there for it somewhere.

 This charachter came from a paper napkin sketch. I loved his face. Sometimes the balance of an expression feels just right to me. This guy seems sweet to me but neutral enough for you to want to know a bit more.

 These bottom three are all little unframed pieces with gold leaf to keep up a selection of smaller affordable paintings. It's also fun to be able to make them in almost one or two sittings.

          Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and remembering to just be- and make no excuses.


Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful work!

Trinity said...

I love your work. You are very creative !!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful love your work